As stated on our About page, Capstone Production Group is a khaki-free zone. On a side note, we’ve also banned Post-it Notes. Too much clutter, and all the khaki dudes never got anything done with them.

Basically, anything you’d find in a typical American office building, you won’t find here. Including office politics, gossip, and red tape bureaucracy. We’re straight shooters with a specific mission.

And that’s why, if you’re qualified and up for a big challenge, you’ll want to apply for one of the awesome positions below.



We’re looking for skilled copywriters and creative pros to develop innovative TV commercials, radio commercials, web videos, and digital assets for our retail customers.

Your situation will be unique in that rather than working in an ad agency environment, you’ll be working in an exclusively creative and production environment in close collaboration with video, audio, and design professionals.

Your role will involve brainstorming with clients, ad agency personnel, and producers about how to create impactful spots to drive traffic while also building and maintaining brand image. You, being very talented and diplomatic, will gladly receive and process all input (good, bad, and ridiculous) from the aforementioned parties, and write killer commercials.

Our work environment is positive, exciting, and fast paced while also very cool and relaxed.
Whether you’ve done this for decades or are fresh out of college, this is a great opportunity at a growing company. You do need to have some experience writing commercials for broadcast, have an endless supply of ideas, be a problem-solver, be detail-oriented, be able to think quickly, and be able to work efficiently under tight deadlines. You must understand the concept of “come in this weekend for the blah-blah-blah sale!” and know how to get the viewer/listener to do it… without being clichéd or cheesy. No offense to cheese.

To apply, e-mail us at The subject line should include your name and this position: Copywriter.

Your e-mail must contain your resume, a brief paragraph introducing yourself, and link to samples of your work.

This is a full-time opportunity at our North Carolina office & studios. Please no freelancers or candidates wishing to work remotely. No phone calls.


You see, nearly everybody on our team has experienced work environments where “average” was accepted—and encouraged. Whether it was in broadcasting, advertising, or at another production company, we left those worlds of mediocrity because we weren’t satisfied. We didn’t feel that “just slap a commercial together real quick” was the right thing to do. Too often we were told, “just hurry up so we can get something on the air” to fill the order. (Yes, Dear Advertiser—that’s how many of your ads are put together at the cable company and TV & radio stations).

The Capstone philosophy is different. We crave and demand excellence in our work, while still meeting tight deadlines. We desire to make a difference in our customer’s businesses. We always want to do the right thing, the right way, and for the right reasons. And business aside, we also hope we can be a friend, an encouragement, and a light to our customers, vendors, and in the communities we serve.