According to a Google research study, online video was the top ad format for driving brand consideration, and over 50% of auto shoppers watch 30 minutes or more of online videos during the buying process.


At Capstone, we’re helping our auto dealer customers capture and convert more customers with Vehicle Brand Videos, a.k.a. “Virtual Test Drive” videos. These videos are designed to be part of a digital campaign and are often found on a vehicle landing page, so once you capture a potential customer who’s interested in a particular vehicle…you can take them on a virtual test drive while they’re on your website (ie- vehicle information page or inventory page). These :30 to :60 second videos can give the potential customer a quick overview of features and benefits inside and outside the vehicle. The information and style of each video varies depending on the vehicle and the target market, but ultimately we’re creating emotion. That emotion is what has always taken car buyers to the next step in the shopping process.

Give us a quick call or email to see some samples… and take your own test drive.