When I saw this headline in an article on ReelSEO.com, my first reaction was “who exactly is generation Z? And what about generation Y?” I actually remember when being part of Generation X was cool, and now I have 2 Generation Z’ers living in my house, and I can attest that this headline is 100% accurate.

I don’t even have to ask my kids the question about which is more important. All I have to do is look at my 8 and 11 year old Gen-Zers….as they sit on the couch nightly watching 2 screens at a time. And then there’s the fact that I also won the argument of “No TV in your bedroom” with my 11 year old daughter a couple years ago, just to find her watching shows on her iPad every Saturday morning while lying in bed.

So do they like TV? Absolutely. Do they watch it differently than I did growing up? Obviously. But are they also glued to their devices watching video on YouTube and Instagram? Unfortunately, yes (from a parent’s perspective).

What does this mean for your business and your marketing?   The digital video train is rolling and it keeps picking up momentum.   Catch up. You need an online video marketing strategy; because Generation Z.1 (or whatever comes after Z) will be here before you know it.  Let’s get rolling.

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