Video Production for the Triangle

Video Production TriangleWhen it comes to driving traffic to a certain business, Capstone Production Group believes in the power of exceptional video production. Triangle area businesses and agencies count on us to produce high-quality high-impact TV commercials, web videos, and pre-roll videos. If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle area and need superb production, design, and marketing services, come to Capstone Production Group. Our team knows how to command attention and drive traffic to your store or website with creative, unique, and powerful advertising and online videos.

Do You Need Video Production in the Triangle?

Many agencies suffer under the illusion that solid written content is enough to drive traffic and convey a message. This simply isn’t the case with today’s consumers. Modern buyers expect a brand to deliver high-quality, optimized video content in the form of television advertisements or web videos. Capstone Production Group can help you master video production. Triangle area retailers and businesses have counted on our teams of creative thinkers, experienced videographers, and professional designers for years to create videos that grab and retain customer attention.

If you’ve considered publishing video content for your brand in the past but decided against it to save money or focus resources elsewhere, Capstone Production Group is here to help. We understand the majority of businesses are working on tight budgets and timeframes to produce video content, but we don’t think this should mean you have to sacrifice quality. The goal of Capstone Production Group is to deliver outstanding, optimized videos that will drive traffic – without the price tag. We accomplish this by keeping our services in house. The question shouldn’t be whether you need video production, but why you’ve waited so long.

Why Choose Capstone Production Group for Video Production in The Triangle?

Capstone Production Group has clients across the USA and Canada that are now seeing more store and website traffic, thanks to our creative services. By offering more than just video production services, we are a comprehensive source for everything your business or ad agency needs. Here’s what to expect when you work with Capstone Production Group:

  • Creative thinkers offer concepting, copywriting, retail branding campaigns, and creative strategy consulting.
  • Our video production team can create TV commercials, video pre-roll ads, web videos, corporate and long-format videos, and out-of-home displays.
  • Audio production managers help you come up with custom jingles and record ads for Pandora and streaming radio.
  • Our designers are masters of graphic design, banner ads, print design/layout, logo design, and identity building.
  • Professional marketers available to optimize your video, syndicate across platforms, and share video analytics to ensure long-term returns on your investment.

Capstone Production Group uses almost 16,000 square feet of creative and production space to deliver outstanding services on location. This allows us to reduce the typical costs of video production. Triangle area businesses can create professional high-impact videos right from our studio using our 20-foot green screens, two 4,000-square-foot studios, and actors/voiceover talent. We make creating outstanding web videos, TV advertisements, and radio ads fun, easy, and affordable. To learn more about Capstone Production Group’s video production in the Triangle area call (800) 951-4005 to contact a representative today.

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